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problem with page /ports/powerpc/

I think the powerpc ports page needs some reworking for clarity. It
currently states

   "It first became an official release architecture with Debian
   GNU/Linux 2.2 (potato) and has retained that status ever since."

However the "PowerPC" architecture, which was the one introduced in 2.2,
was dropped after Jessie, so the last supported version is Debian 8.9.

The page goes on to link to some release notes[1] which reinforce this

   "Debian 9 regrettably removes support for the following architecture:
   PowerPC (powerpc)"

Part of the confusion is the conflation of "powerpc" and "ppc64el",
which are the relevant architecture code-names. The page does have a
sub-heading for ppc64el specifically, but the structure implies that the
first section ("Debian for PowerPC") is relevant to both.

This may seem nit-picky but I was genuinely confused when trying to find
out what the latest version supported for my 32 bit Power PC.

P.S.: I'd make a suggested fix myself if the web sources were wiki pages
or in git instead of CVS, but I don't have the time to deal with CVS
right now, sorry.

[1] https://www.debian.org/releases/stable/powerpc/release-notes/ch-whats-new.en.html#idm45867730651312


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