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Please register inroduction of new book into debian's books page.




HI, My name is Taehee-Lee


We published new Debian book: <Debian Linux and Security : the origin of Kali> with KOREAN language. 


I sent the email to the debian's book introducer first, but he did not keep reading the mail and sent it back to you, webmaster.




* Debian's book page




Please, register intoduction of new debian book into debian's book page,

Thank you. Have a nice day! 





Title:  Debian Linux and Security : the origin of Kali  (데비안 리눅스활용과 보안 :  칼리의 기원)

Author: TaeHee Lee <Annihilator>, Dong-jin Oh <Firstbood>

Publisher: AcornPub

URL: http://acornpub.co.kr/book/debian-kali


email: janussys@naver.com



Available at:


YES24:    http://www.yes24.com/24/Goods/42491040?Acode=101


KYOBOBOOK:   http://www.kyobobook.co.kr/product/detailViewKor.laf?ejkGb=KOR&mallGb=KOR&barcode=9791161750125&orderClick=LEA&Kc=


ALADIN :  http://www.aladin.co.kr/shop/wproduct.aspx?ItemId=111075971&start=slayer





Written by two penetration researcher - Annihilator, Firstblood.

This book teaches you how to build and configure debian 8.x server system security hardening using kali linux and debian simultaneously.

 - DNS, FTP, SAMBA, DHCP, Apache2 webserver and etc.


From the perspective that "the origin of Kali Linux is Debian",

It explains how to enhance Debian's security by applying the method of penetration testing.

This book covers various security issues like SSL cerificates, UFW firewall, MySSQL Vulnerability, Commecial symantec Antivirus, including Snort intrusion detection system.














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