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Re: Question about e-market

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Hello Jean-Philippe,

Le 18 juil. 17, vers 01:11, MENGUAL Jean-Philippe ecrivait:
> Hi,
> I see that Debian DVDs are sold sometimes on marketplaces such as Amazon, etc.
> Such DVDs have EAN, etc. Would you know how are generated such EAN? Should I
> buy one or Debian has one? A mI authorized to sell without EAN?

I have no idea.
I copy the question to www list maybe someone knows about it.

Je suspecte that if one would download all the dvds and burn them into dvd's. put hard
print labels on them, and package them, they can resell their value added service.
It is like someone selling you data publicly available into any medium, soft or hard.
The question is that with something that has been digitally signed and encrypted,
proxy transported to you directly from the publisher, would you ever have trust for
a middleman for the final product?  It is like someone giving you an encrypted book
I published and instead of me giving you the decoding code you trust a third party
to decode it for you.  Are you sure that is what I wrote?

Public and free information is available for anyone to reproduce under a license.
If you send me to the store to get you a bottle of milk for 2eurodollars I have the
right to ask you for my work to brikng that 2eurodollar milk to drink.  Or you can
get it yourself.

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