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Fw: Re: debian wiki

The following discussion took place in debian-users list, but a link
to the archive hasn't come up.  I believe the initial post by me and
the first reply was forwarded to this list before I subscribed, but
never saw a response through this list (I may be wrong).
Short story is that the headers of the wiki and the chosen language
do not always relate to each other.  Some say it has to do with
browser configuration but I tested this hypothesis with scripts 
inactive, a French IP and chose other languages as well.  In some
the headers (top menus) stay in one language while content
changes.  But it is inconsistent between languages which 
indicates a server problem.  I intentionally chose languages
I do not speak or would ever add in my browser to make sure
the problem was not fed by my configuration.

Anyway, it is an attempt to make a good thing better, not an
individual problem to be solved.

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On Mon, Jul 10, 2017 at 08:57:35AM -0500, David Wright wrote:
> On Mon 10 Jul 2017 at 13:32:00 (+0000), Eduardo M KALINOWSKI wrote:
> > On Dom, 09 Jul 2017, tomas wrote:
> > >So I think the top menu only reacts to the preferred language set in
> > >the browser. The wiki content itself obeys both the URL (i.e. the
> > >intercalated /fr/ element) and to the browser preference.
> > >
> > >Does this correspond with your findings?
> >
> > That"s also what happens here.
> … which is as I would expect it.
> However, I"m only _guessing_ that these pages are active in some way,

You mean... server-side active, I guess.


> I haven"t seen an actual problem expressed by anyone about what is
> displayed. Is there one, other than a casual observation?

Not a real problem. Just a behaviour that confused the original
poster (I think it was Fungi4All): if your browser lang is "X"
and you click on the page"s link for lang "Y" and you get a top
menu in "Xish" and a content in "Yish". The link provided by (was
it Brian?) in this thread seems to indicate that this confusion
happens more than once.

For people who don"t know the browser has a language preferences
setting (and perhaps have no idea about all that HTTP content
negotiation stuff), that might be a bit... surprising, leading
some to guess that there is an IP-based shenanigan behind the

The confused are hardly to be blamed, given the tendency of
late to keep users as stupid as possible :-/

- -- tomás

I, the OP, have no abilities in German of French, nor do I have these
languages in my browser.  I noticed that the wiki, while it was displaying
the default Englsh text, the menus were on a 4th language.  Upon the
suggestion to disable scripts, I used my trusty secure browser with a French IP
and tried.  When I selected French just for testing, the menus remained
English.  When I selected German it was all German, to me.  The more
languages you select the funkier and more inconsistent the results were.
In some languages you may click a link and revert back to English, possibly
because of the page being in another english default server.

No matter what is at fault the wiki server results are inconsistent.

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