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Re: Mailing to update the CD-Vendor page [replace previous mail]

On 2017-06-28 8:31, Alexandre Delanoë wrote:
Dear Debian CD Vendor,

The release of Debian 9, code name "Stretch", has been announced [0] !

    [0] https://www.debian.org/News/2017/20170617

Then, we are in the process of updating the "CD Vendors" web-page [1]
on which you have an entry.

I think I can see where "then" came from, but it sounds a little odd in English. "Therefore" or "as a result" would be more natural, imo.

Please reply to this email removing and/or adding your answers:


1) Do you still provide Debian supports ?


2) Are your informations still relevant on this page [1]:
3) Are your informations still relevant on this page [1]:

s/informations/information/. In this context, "information" is an uncountable noun, so doesn't have a separate plural form.



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