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Update links in related_links needed


some links in https://www.debian.org/misc/related_links.en.html
should be updated:

- Section 'Miscellaneous GNU/Linux links':
  -- Freshmeat redirects to Freecode. It becames a static site without
any update anymore (http://freecode.com/about).
  -- debianworld.org is now a parking website.

- Section 'User groups'

The https://www.linux.org/groups/ URL returns a 404 error. I didn't find
the content in another page.

As minimal work, I suggest to:
- rename Freshmeat and use Freecode url directly
- remove debianworld
- replace https://www.linux.org/groups/ by http://lugslist.com/

Is there a specific plan about this page?
Do you prefer other modifications?
If not, I plan to commit my suggestions at the end of the week.


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