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Re: PCB maker---From Camlift Circuits


I am Harry.

Are you looking for PCB suppliers?

Then, just contact me, we are the best choice for your company.


My company PCB capacity as the follow:
PCBs types Rigid board, FPC, HDI, blind board, buried board, metal base board, Gold finger board, Impedance board, FR-4 Board, High Frequency Board, Board edge plating, ATE(Semiconductor test Board);
Layers count 2-36;
Min line width/spacing 3mil/3mil;
Board Thickness 0.2-8.0mm;
Copper thickness 0.33OZ-11OZ
PCB size 10*10mm-571.5*762mm
HDI(blind via/buried via) 1+n+1,2+n+2,3+n+3;
Hole size 4-244mil(0.1mm-6.2mm)
Pitch BGA 0.4mm,0.5mm,0.65mm
Hole copper thickness 18um-86um
Materials FR-4, High Tg FR-4, High Frequency (Rogers,Arlon,Taconic,Nelco...)etc.Halogen free, Such as S1141,S1000-2, IS410, Rogers, FR408, IT180A, 25FR, 25N, PCL-370HR, N4000, Megtron4, TU- 752,etc.
Surface Treatment HASL, OSP, Immersion Gold, Immersion Tin, Immersion silver, Gold finger, Flash gold, Hard gold.
Soldermask color Green matte/glossy, Yellow, Black, Blue, Red, White, Purple
Silkscreen color White, Yellow, Black
Test E-Test,  Impedance Test, Solderability Test, Thermal Stress, Flammability(UL94), Tg Text, Ni/Au/Sn/Pb thikness Test, Thermal Shock, Microsectioning, Ionic  Cleanliness Test, Adhesion/Solder Mask/Tape Test method,  Dielectric Withstanding Voltage, Moisture and Insulation Resistance,  Interconnect  Stress Test(IST test), Chemical Requirements, Solder Mask Abrasion, Peel srength of metallic clad laminates, Elongation Text,etc.

Offering good quality(UL,SGS,ISO9001,RoHS,QS9000,TS16949 ) ,but Chinese price!!,

and we have strong quality control system quote and can response within 2 hours.

If you have Gerber files, could you send them to us? I will make you competitive quotation accordingly.

Looking forward to your early reply.

Competitive on Cost and Best in Quality and delivery,Wait you!

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