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Re: urgent: help us fix the background for website banner for Stretch


And thanks for your work on this. Please pretend I don't know anything
about web, standards, and best practices.

Laura Arjona Reina <larjona@debian.org> (2017-06-17):
> But when I try to use those images (I made a test with the Inspector
> of Firefox), and I make ctrl-- to make size smaller so I emulate a big
> screen, I see that the background is repeated (this is ok) creating
> some "jumps" in the color gradient (this is not ok).
> See https://lut.im/ncJMP6Sm9L/u7UvWdU57CSuQu3K.jpg for an example of
> what happens.
> I don't know very well why this happens but I *think* it is because
> the "ending" colour at left edge and right edge is maybe not exactly
> the same.
> I don't know how to fix that. If any of you can provide an improved
> image for background, it's very appreciated. If we don't get it soon,
> we'll use the one I committed and we'll try to improve it later.
> If somebody starts to work on this, please reply to all so others
> don't repeat work.

We could just make the gradient image take the whole horizontal space,
that seems to work just fine on this 1920px wide screen.

Just set background-size to 100% and disabled the repeat mode, see
attached patch.

Index: debhome.css
RCS file: /cvs/webwml/webwml/english/debhome.css,v
retrieving revision 1.22
diff -u -r1.22 debhome.css
--- debhome.css	17 Jun 2017 17:52:04 -0000	1.22
+++ debhome.css	17 Jun 2017 18:29:39 -0000
@@ -26,7 +26,8 @@
 #splash {
 	background-image: url('Pics/softwaves_web_bg.png');
 	background-position:top center;
-	background-repeat: repeat;
+	background-repeat: no-repeat;
+	background-size: 100%;
 	margin-top: 0;
 	margin-bottom: 1.5em;
 	text-align: center;

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