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Re: Remove emails

On Tue, 2017-06-06 at 08:35 -0400, Fernando Cosso wrote:

> I read the disclaimers and I understand that you are not required to
> delete the emails.
> But I was hoping you could delete them anyways.

Please re-read the disclaimers, the debian-www list is not the point of 
contact for the mailing lists, instead you should contact the listmasters.
The contact for them is a private address, unlike the debian-www list,
which is publicly archived on the Web.

> I was a kid when I wrote them and I asked some pretty dumb questions.
> Now they show up pretty high up when searching my name in Google. And
> it's embarrassing.

The Debian mailing list archives are not the only copy of your
messages, there are many other services on the Web that also archive
Debian mailing lists, so you probably will never be able to erase the
questions you asked.

Most of us have posted mail we are embarrassed about on public lists
but I think as long as we learn from those mistakes and improve our
communication in the future, our past mistakes matter much less.



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