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Re: Outreach event: ready to welcome new contributions on May 13-14?

Hi Laura & others!

Laura Arjona Reina:
> El 17/02/17 a las 14:14, intrigeri escribió:
>> Hence our question: are some of you ready to be somewhat available
>> during that week-end (either at the event itself or remotely on IRC)
>> to help welcome new contributors and promptly review their
>> first contributions?

> I'll do my best to be available, at least remotely. My timezone is the
> same as Paris so I hope to be available most of the time.

Excellent, thanks! (and sorry for not replying earlier: my mind had
somehow filed this into the "solved problems" category)

>> Also, is the team's web page (https://wiki.debian.org/Teams/Webmaster)
>> up-to-date enough wrt. tools, onboarding processes, the TODO sub-page,
>> and most importantly the list of easy tasks for newcomers?

> I'll put work in updating those pages for the time of the event.


> Thanks for organising this!

Thank you!


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