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Search boxes unreadable when using a dark theme

Hi list,

the search boxes on the debian websites are not readable when using a
dark color theme.
I’m using Plasma 5 with the breeze dark theme and get a light grey text
over light yellow background…

The css rule causing that is in debian.css line 649 :
input:focus {

I see 2 possible fixes.

1. The less noticeable one
=> Also force text color to always have some thing readable :

input:focus {
    color: black;

2. The more visually appealing one
=> Stop doing that !
As far as I’m interested, this rule you may as well be completely removed.
It might make certain long time users of the website sad to have that
splendid and unique Debian yellow disappear. :-)
But I feel that:
- The color doesn’t integrate very well with the rest of the site’s theme.
- It’s not needed as the input already have an outline when focused.
- It tries to override the theme chosen by the user (and fails).
- It’s disturbing and not a very good practice to change background on
focus (I’m not a designer.)

Your thoughts ?


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