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Finding firmware (and SHA sums etc), was Re: Linux Mint, Ubuntu, Arch Linux recognize my Acer Aspire S wifi, debian does not

(Posted to debian-www as well.)

On Wed 15 Mar 2017 at 12:21:14 (-0500), Nicholas Geovanis wrote:
> Is it just me, or are the "unofficial" images hard to get to? For example
> the FAQ says "Sometimes, someone is kind enough to create unofficial
> non-free CDs. If you cannot find any links on this website, you can try
> asking on the debian-cd mailing list." Yet there is no link there to the
> unofficial pages. Yes Google finds them....

You are not alone. The problem as I see it is that it's easy to find
this page:


on which three options are given. When you click on an architecture,
the 2nd and 3rd options take you to directory pages. However, the
(most popular?) first option has ISO links¹ which you certainly don't
want to click on if you're playing by the rules.

If you copy the ISO link (right click it) into a browser's address bar
and rubout the ISO name itself, you'll get to (for i386):


This difficult-to-find page will not only satisfy those searching for
SHA sums, but it also has a paragraph headed:

Non-free Firmware

which gives you a link to firmware-inclusive versions, daily/weekly
builds etc etc.

¹ Bad design IMO. They ought to take you to
This page has links which make it obvious what they're pointing to—
huge files!


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