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Re: Debian "man pages" not available


* Richard Owlett <rowlett@cloud85.net> [2016-09-08 13:54:21 CEST]:
> I needed the mount(8) man page.
> I have Jessie (8.0.0) installed.
> Both Debian Jessie and Ubuntu thru 14.04 LTS list many file system
> types for "--types".
> Both Ubuntu later than 15.10 and manned.org list fewer supported
> types.
> [My type of interest is iso9660]

 In the --types option in the manpage, yes.  But there is a whole
paragraph about the iso9660 mount options in the manpage to be found in
all versions that I looked at?

> Seems to indicate that something has changed upstream. If it is only
> the documentation, how can this be flagged to Debian maintainers to
> prevent loss of valuable information.

 If you see a lack of information please file a bugreport about it -
potentially directly to upstream, but in Debian should be fine too
(though the maintainers would have to push it upstream then and it would
be nice if you could do that directly because it's not a Debian specific

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