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Re: Broken URL


Thank you for your report. I suggest that you file a bug report against the *stable* version (14.10.2-1) of the package (src:fotoxx), with bug severity set to normal or minor. This URL is directly retrieved from the package information, so you need to contact the package maintainer to upload a new version with correct info. The debian-www team can do nothing about it.

That said, updating a package in stable distribution is difficult. This bug might be too minor to reach the criteria of allowing a new upload into Debian Jessie.

Boyuan Yang

Carlos Zumajo Fuentes <zumajofuentescarlos@gmail.com>于2016年12月5日周一 03:33写道:

I've found a broken URL in

In External Resources section, the Homepage is not
"http://www.kornelix.com/fotoxx.html", is



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