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Oferta ditore ne sherbimin taksi

Title: Oferta ditore ne sherbimin taksi
Oferta ditore  ne sherbimin taksi. View this email in your browser.


Floga restaurant

Vetem 520 Lek

Paketa Bazë                

1 Rizoto me karkaleca dhe kerpudha
2 Sallate cook and look

3 Frut
Vetem 580 Lek

Paketa Premium         

1 Brinje vici zgare
2 Pure me patate 

3 Sallate chef
4 Kulac shtepie
Vetem 540 Lek

Paketa Flogalight       

1 Biftek ala Floga
2 Patate zgare

3 Sallate me rukola dhe mozarella
Vetem 540 Lek

Paketa Dietike            

1 Fileto koce zgare
2 Sallate mikse
3 Frut

Cel : 0689014443

Tel : 044519444

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Ushqim i shijshem!

Our mailing address is:
Floga Restaurant
Rr Elbasanit/Rr Budi Nr6/Restorant Floga Tirana, 1001
Tirana 1001
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