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Bug#819664: .sign suffix?


Le 25/09/2016 à 17:57, Eduard Bloch a écrit :
> I am slightly wondering about this new filename ending .sign. IMHO the
> usual pattern for such files was .gpg before (for example: Release.gpg).
> This .sign looks weird, it does not tell you which format the data
> inside might have.

Can you provide an example where the extension has changed?

There are signatures ending with .sign for each cd, dvd, etc. images but
the suffix seems to be always .sign since release 3.1:

it's like today:

The scheme is
{MD5, SHAx}SUMS : the checksum according to each algorithm
{MD5, SHAx}SUMS.sign : the checksum signed by a Debian CD signing key

Do you talk about other signatures?


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