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Re: Links error

Le 21/09/2016 à 10:33, Laura Arjona Reina a écrit :
> Hi
> El 21/09/16 a las 09:31, Stéphane Blondon escribió:
>> Le 19/09/2016 à 10:14, Adam D. Barratt a écrit :
>>> The change to the website was actually deployed yesterday evening, it
>>> just took a long time for the update run for the site to complete. Links
>>> should have been pointing to 8.6 for a few hours now.
>> It's not the first time the links are broken when we do a new release
>> until there is a website rebuild.
>> I know there is a cron task to build the website regularly. I don't know
>> if there is a special case when there is a release.
>> Could we execute a build when there is a new release so the broken links
>> would not appear (or the delay between release and broken links fixed
>> would be reduced)? Basically, by adding the rebuild command at the end
>> of the release script* for example.
>> *: I know if such script exists too but I think so.
> When the release point files begin to arrive mirrors (Saturday around
> 14:00 UTC), we publish the announcement in the website, and do a
> manual rebuild of the News section (Saturday around 16:00 UTC).
> OTOH, the publicity workflow for announcements tell us to also change
> some tags in the english/template/debian/release_info.wml file, so I
> changed them, and then, in the next usual website build, the homepage
> showed 8.6 as last release, but still linked to 8.5.0 images (because
> we wait until the CD team tell us the CD images are ready, to update a
> last tag).
> Next day (Sunday), when the images were ready, we changed the last tag
> in the release_info.wml file, and then, in the next build, links
> pointed to the 8.6 images, and everything was ok then. The problem is
> that this last build takes several hours to finish, because many pages
> use that tag (started at Sun Sep 18 19:24:01 UTC 2016, ended Mon Sep
> 19 04:27:37 UTC 2016). During the build, the CD images were pushed to
> their place (thanks CD Team!).
> So I guess, for next release points, we can think in some improvements
> (please comment on these suggestions because I'm not sure if they may
> bring unwanted effects):
> * Publish only the announcement, and do not update any tag in the
> release_info.wml file until the CD images are ready.

From your description, it helps to fix the problem.

However I don't understand why we publish the announcement before the
images are ready.

Why not a process like:
1. CD Team pushes images and notifies it's done
2. update of tags and news in the w.d.o repository
3. automatic or manual build of the website

So the links are always valid and there is no need for sentences like
'ready soon images'.

Perhaps I miss some information but it's simpler to do and avoid broken

Paul's proposal could simplify the process too because the links
wouldn't need to be modified when the release is done.

For example:
'http://cdimage.debian.org/latest/amd64/netinst' would redirect to

Only 'http://cdimage.debian.org/debian-cd/latest/${ARCH}/${CDTYPE}'
would be used in the website.


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