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doc farce - Putin forever? Warsaw FF - In Competition

Title: doc farce - Putin forever? Warsaw FF - In Competition
Hi there, dear colleague.

tags: debut, political history, antiputinism, chronicle, the Russian opposition, Bolotnaya sq., rallies, clashes

ANT!PODE is pleased to announce that the European premiere of the film “Putin forever?” by Kirill Nenashev will take place at Warsaw. 
The films will be part of the Documentary competition at 32nd Warsaw Film Festival 7-16 October.

Man of the Century. Tsar of Contemporary Russia.
A Controversial Documentary About One of the Most Powerful Politicians of Our Age.

PUTIN FOREVER? directed by Kirill Nenashev, 2016, 93 min., Russian
details and trailer (copy to browser): 

In cinemas at Poland from October, 14

The day before Vladimir Putin’s inauguration, a march takes place on Moscow’s Bolotnaya Square – a protest against the Russian government’s unyielding grip on power. 
This peaceful march is brutally dispersed by the police. The film’s protagonist, protest activist Vselovod Chernozub, decides to stay on Bolotnaya Square 
until the end. They do not know that May 6th 2012 is the start of a new era that has no place for protest people. 
They will be called “Fifth column” and traitors of Motherland soon...
This movie is an attempt to answer some questions: Who is Mr. Putin for Russians today, really? 
Why people in Russia do not want changes? 
Could the Putin era last forever?

Contacts: Liza Podolskiy
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