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Re: updating www.debian.org/partners section

On Sat, Sep 17, 2016 at 7:45 PM, Laura Arjona Reina wrote:

> * What do yo think?

Looks good to me.

Luca had a mail a while ago with a number of ideas about the partners
program, hopefully he can provide you with a link to it or a copy of

I'm not sure we need the criteria for each year, just one page with
the currently applicable criteria.

> in the conditions of the partners program, includes the 3
> types of partnerships with description.


> * Maybe some of the merchandising vendors should be listed here as
> "Financial partners" too? If yes, I can gather the corresponding list
> and put them in the 2015 folder.

If they meet the criteria, sounds good.

> * In the section "How can my organization contribute to Debian?" there
> is only mention of "donations" and "partners program". I think
> currently we have 2 more ways, "DebConf" and "LTS". IMO they should be
> mentioned here, linking to the teams dealing with those kind of
> donations, but maybe it becomes too confusing, and maybe this list is
> not comprenhensive either.

You may also want to link to this page:


Debian does not have a way for companies to contribute financially to
LTS. The current LTS funding efforts are organised externally to
Debian, so I'm not sure listing LTS is appropriate at this stage. In
addition, having Debian contributors be paid by Debian is
controversial. Some events around this area were held at DebConf16.


BTW, this wiki page might be useful to you during the process of
updating partners info:




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