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Bug#831821: [stefan@common-shirts.org: Debian Merchandise]

Package: www.debian.org

Hello Debian Website maintainers,

Is a bugreport like this the right way to get a change
on the Debian website?

If so, please process the request below.
If not, please enlighten me.

Geert Stappers
member of the events team.

----- Forwarded message from Stefan Nagy <stefan@common-shirts.org> -----

Date: Tue, 19 Jul 2016 20:22:54 +0200
From: Stefan Nagy <stefan@common-shirts.org>
To: events@debian.org
Subject: Debian Merchandise
X-Mailer: Evolution 3.20.3-1


sorry to bother you with this??? We are already listed on the Debian
Merchandise page (https://www.debian.org/misc/merchandise.de.html),
could you please update our URL?

The old URL was: http://common-shirts.org/?p=3444
The new URL is: https://common-shirts.org/debian

And could you please edit our company name to common·shirts? I know,
it's just a stupid dot??? but I like it ;)



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stefan nagy
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----- End forwarded message -----


The line
 And could you please edit our company name to common·shirts? I know,
contains a non-ASCII character, I don't known which HTML-code it should have.

Geert Stappers
Leven en laten leven

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