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Bug#830962: www.debian.org: automatically set the state of ports based on the Debian archives

Package: www.debian.org
Severity: wishlist

The current Debian ports page lists all ports along with their state.
That state is maintained manually but could easily be maintained
automatically based on the state of the main archive, the ports archive
and the obsolete releases archive for the various suites. The only
issue would be that some ports are in neither archive so they would
need to be marked as external.

The list of states that ports can be in are:

released: available in currently supported releases
discontinued: was in a previous release but not in any supported
release, nor in ports
reviving: was in a previous release but not in any supported release,
still exists in ports
replaced: discontinued and there is a replacement set
in progress: only in the ports archive
external: only in an external archive
dead: only ever in the ports archive or external





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