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Re: Debian Wiki Account Creation request

 That is nice that you want to be able to help and
  I am still just learning many new things about Debian
How it works, the work flow,etc,..everything, my self.
  I started by browsing and reading all the documentation
 at http://www.debian.org
  There is excellent articles and information on every aspect,
including installing Debian on computers and what the
requirements are.
  Like wise at : https://wiki.debian.org/
 There is complete instructions on how to register,
create a account, etc. As well as a lot more information
on Debian, installation, packaging, and more.
  I am sorry to say,there is no real "easy" way. It takes
time, reading and studying the documentation. But on the
other hand, that is not really very difficult. But it is
time consuming.
 One last note, I am not any "admin" or "great authority", I
am just another member of this list.
 One of the most important aspect of learning about Debian,
though is learning to read the documentation,and also learning
to use search engines, to find information needed.
 It is important to read the FAQ s, (frequesntly asked questions),
many of the most common questions are in the FAQs and have answers.
 This is important , so that instead of interupting the "work flow",
and someone has to stop, and take the time, to answer a question
that is all ready answered in the FAQ,..that is not contributing,
 Ok, well I hope this helps . That is all for now,
and welcome to Debian

On 2016-07-05 13:04, xsgjxj gxjsha wrote:
Hello Admin

I want to contribute about debian operating system that how it works
what is the is the work flow of debian ,what are requirements to
install debian on computers. I want to to elaborate debian from
starting to end in an easy way.

John Matty

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