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We would like to be your reliable translation service provider (Asian languages)-From Asian Union

Dear Partner,

Have a nice day.

This is Lacey from AUT localization, which provides professional translation solutions to meet the diverse needs of our international clients. We specialize in technical, commercial, financial, medical, tourism and legal translations. In addition to the major Asian languages, we focus strongly on Chinese as well as the Japanese, Korean and European languages.

At AUT, every project is taken care of with utmost reliability and professionalism, utilizing a wide range of powerful tools to ensure the high quality of our work. Yet our pricing is extremely competitive. We also provide DTP service for all the Asian languages.

AUT could provide a free testing. (the volume is around 300words)

Could you please kindly forward this email to your HR or PM?

Many thanks in advance.


Best Wishes,

Lacey Wu

Project Manager

Asian Union Technologies Co.,Ltd

Address: 1st floor of Dongfangtaoci Bldg, Meihua street No.123, Shangmeilin, FuTian,Shenzhen city, China

Email: madge@autlocalization.com Email: info@autlocalization.com

Tel: 0086755-83120520, 0086755-83120521 | Fax: 0086755-83120520

Web: www.autlocalization


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