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How to install pip and requests in Python 2.7.9 with Debian 7.6

Dear Debian personnel,

May God Bless you all. My name is Yoimer and I work as a Consultant Internet of Things Engineer. I am emailing you guys since my task doesn't look pretty straightforward to me at least now hahaha. I am running a QUEMU Virtual Machine with Raspberry Pi Wheezy running on it. I have tried installing requests on its Python interpreter which is 2.7.9 but I haven't been able to do it. Many errors has appeared. I have tried apt-get install python-requests and nothing yet. I have read about the pip tool and it is the same result. I thought pip was included from Python >=2.5. I also virtualized a clean and pure Debian 7.6 in an VMware environment and I am having the same result. I don't know to much about Linux but I do have a background in Windows systems. I want to enjoy Debian as well. The QUEMU and VMware are running on Windows XP. Is there any way you might help me out please? I have some scripts in Python where it is imperative to import request library options. I don't want to use curl before you guys give me any answers.
I am looking forward to hearing from you guys.


Joey :)

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