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Could we consider moving the webwml repo to Git or similar?

G'day folks!

I'm Christopher, and I would like to contribute to the Debian website, however
CVS is a learning curve that I don't really want.

Why? Because:

1. CVS repositories are increasingly rare.
2. And I'm too busy to learn an increasingly rare version control system.

Personally I think CVS could be a hurdle for a lot of new contributors, and
that is not a good thing.

So I propose the webwml repo gets changed to something other than CVS. My
preference is git, but the are other great version control systems out there. I
would be happy to help with a move to git.

If you guys are sticklers for CVS, please don't burn me: I'd love to know why,
and may even consider learning how to use it so I can contribute.

Thank you for listening!
Christopher Bayliss

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