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broken link

On this page: https://www.debian.org/misc/related_links
This link does not work:
 I realize it is because the site no longer exists,
so it seems like the link should be removed.
 When I learned that the "esdebian.org" was closed , I did
take the time,and effort to start a forum, in spanish.
 It is not much at this point, very few members and lacking
technically knowledgeable persons, In any event it is available
and ready to be use by anyone in the Spanish speaking Debian
community. If the administrator of the Debian.org web site
want to add it to above web page, that would be fine,I would be
"honored",  however
please do not misinterpret this as a ploy to promote the forum.
 That is not my intention.The main point is , if the esdebian.org
is no longer going to be avialble, the link probably should not be
 The link to the forum I started is:

Thank you

>From Garry

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