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We’d like to propose to redesign 'Debian.org' for free. Are you interested?

Hello and thanks for reading this letter! I know that you don’t have much time so I’ll go straight to the point. 

My name is Dimitros, I’m writing on behalf of the TemplateMonster company. We want to offer you a free professional redesign of your logo or the website (www.debian.org). Redesign of the logo might be the beginning. During last 3 years, we did pro bono design and web-development jobs for OpenSource.org, Anybrowser.org, Mozilla Foundation. 

I realize that you probably have several questions, and I will address some of them below:

Why Would You Want to Have Your Website Redesigned?
I’m sure your contributors and users find your website really useful. Sadly, its design is a bit outdated. In particular, have you given consideration to the way it renders on mobile devices? Today, mobile digital media time in the US is significantly higher at 51% compared to a desktop (42%). This means the mobile experience is crucial for both your current and prospective students. TemplateMonster will be happy to analyze and perform production for your project with an excellent responsive website.

Why Would You Trust Us to Redesign Your Site?
Our team has 14 years of experience in web design and development. We have created tens of thousands of websites. As of today, we offer more than 26,000 professional website templates. TemplateMonster has cooperated with large open-source projects including Mozilla Foundation, Anybrowser.org, and OpenSource.org.

Are There Any Strings Attached?
No, absolutely not. The offer is completely free of charge and it doesn’t imply any obligations on your part. Reaching out non-profit projects and organizations with this offer is a part of TemplateMonster’s new global initiative. We believe that this way we can make the world a better place, by doing what we do best.

There are several questions regarding our offer that I would like to ask you about:
Thank you for your time
Best regards, 
Dimitros Semianysty
PR at TemplateMonster
Skype: dsemyanisty
phone: 1-518-312-4162
18801 Collins Ave 102-120,
Sunny Isles Beach, FL, 33160
United States

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