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Who's using Debian?

Dear Sir / Madam,

On your site debian.org you have a list of who's using Debian. We do use Debian and are fans of it, so it would be a honor to be mentioned in this list. I hope we supplied you with the right information below. If you need some other information or we can help in any other way we be glad to hear from you!

Organization: AlterWeb, Velp (GLD), the Netherlands (organization, city/town, country)
Organization type: Commercial
Link: https://www.alterweb.nl/magento/hosting (most relevant) or if it has to be the homepage: https://www.alterweb.nl

AlterWeb supplies 
webshops based on Magento and quality hosting for Magento. We distinguish ourselves by focusing on security, speed, reliability and good service. Debian is used for all our servers, desktops and laptops. We have chosen Debian because of it's reliability, it has minimal consumption of resources and the great package manager (APT).

For our servers Debian is compiled from source for an optimal configuration. They are managed with Ansible and are a.o. equipped with NGINX, PHP, MySQL, Redis, Varnishe and New Relic. On the workstations run many different programs, such as Sublime, GIMP, Inkscape, FileZilla, Libre Office, Team Viewer, Opera, Chrome, Firefox, etc.

Best regards,

Martien Mortiaux
Florijnweg 13-15
6883 JN, Velp

Tel. : 085 760 44 77
Mob. : 06 37 40 41 49

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