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Re: suggestion to rephrase https://www.debian.org/releases: make clear the names 'stretch' and 'sid' are invariant


Am Mi. Dez. 23 15:17:20 2015 GMT+0100 schrieb Joachim Wuttke:
> Dear Debian WWW team:
> May I suggest to rephrase
>    »The current "_testing_" distribution is _stretch_«
> as
>    »The "_testing_" distribution is always called _stretch_«,
> and
>    similarly for _unstable_ / _sid_.

No, that's not correct:

Unstable has a fix codename, it is always named sid.
But Testing gets a new codename, whenever a distribution is
released as Stable, and thus the development cicle for the 
next  Stable begins. 
So, Stretch is the codename of current Testing, and when 
it gets released as the next Stable, Stretch is then Stable. 
> Rationale:
> The word "current" is confusing, especially in the context
> set by the preceding paragraph about the codename of "stable".
> For many years, I thought "stretch" was to become the code
> name of the next "stable" release, "sid" would then be promoted
> from "unstable" to "testing", and a new codename would be chosen
> for the next "unstable".
> (I even persisted in this error when these name changes
> did not happen upon release of "squeeze", "wheezy", "jessie" -
> I just thought my memory was unable to keep those idiotic
> codenames apart).


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