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Debian wiki "resend verification link" leads to internal server error


when I try to create a user account on the Debian wiki which uses a name
already taken, I get the following message:

This user name already belongs to somebody else. If this is a new
account and you need another verification link, try sending another one.

"sending another one" links to
in my case. Going to this page results in an internal server error.

Kind regards,
Benedikt Wildenhain

Benedikt Wildenhain, M.Sc., Wiss. Mitarbeiter - Hardwarenahe IT-Systeme
Hochschule Bochum - Bochum University of Applied Sciences
Campus Velbert/Heiligenhaus - http://www.hs-bochum.de/cvh/
Höseler Platz 2, Heiligenhaus, Raum 2.28, Tel +49 (0)2056 158744

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