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Bug#805796: www.debian.org: please mention httpredir.d.o on mirror page(s)

Package: www.debian.org
Severity: normal

When googling from italy for a list of debian mirrors the results
include https://www.debian.org/mirror/index.it.html which points to 
https://www.debian.org/mirror/list and

I expect that similar queries from other countries can give similar

None of those pages mention the fact that there is now an official
redirector at http://httpredir.debian.org/ which can be used instead 
of a local mirror.

While the installer currently suggests that mirror, users who are
updating an old installation have no way to know about it, and would 
end up hardcoding a single mirror when the redirect would have 
probably worked better for them.

I believe that adding a short note near the top of the page pointing
those users to http://httpredir.debian.org/ (or giving concise
instructions on how to use it) would be helpful.

Thanks in advance

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