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Who's using Debian?


1) Kulturystyka.sklep.pl sp. z o.o, Kleszczow, Poland
2) Commercial use
3) http://www.kulturystyka.sklep.pl

We use Debian environment to run most of our servers and workstations. For the moment we own 7 web servers and 12 workstation (Jessie). Our main reason to choose Debian over other linux distributions was its stability. In our opinion no other system works as stable, as Debian. The second reason to choose Debian is frequency of updates and availability of all the content. All these reasons make use certain, that we will use Debian again to run our future planned servers.

Best regards,
Karol Kujawa.

Serdecznie pozdrawiam,
Karol Kujawa.

Redakcja Kulturysta.com
ul.Gliwicka 14
44-164 Kleszczów k. Gliwic
tel./fax (32) 236-40-56

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