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Re: Bug#800791: base-files: support URL in /etc/os-release does not exist

Control: retitle 781809 base-files: /etc/os-release support URL points to www.d.o/support/
Control: retitle 800791 base-files: /etc/os-release support URL points to www.d.o/support/
Control: reassign 781809 base-files
Control: forcemerge 781809 800791

On Sat, 3 Oct 2015 19:02:42 +0200 Santiago Vila wrote:

> Since this was reported before, I looked at bugs in www.debian.org and
> discovered that in Bug #781809 there was an intent to reassign this back
> to base-files, but you forgot to CC both me and control@b.d.o, so I'm
> reading it now.

Fixed the metadata for #781809 with this mail.

> I will gladly use https://www.debian.org/support (without the slash)
> if that's the correct address (so I'm not reassigning this bug again
> as I did with the other), but please tell me that you will make a
> redirection. We don't break things gratuitously without a fallback.

In my capacity as DSA I have pushed a patch to puppet adding the redirect.



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