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Bug#583781: about the new DPN template, RSS, and spigot

Dear all

Until DPN issue 2015/07, we used this DPN template:


which adds a <toc-add-entry> for each news (or topic). So we ended up
with an RSS with lots of entries, each time a DPN was published:


(we also filled manually a Summary).

There is the bug #583781 "Please provide only one item by DPN issue for
News/weekly RSS" stating that it could be nice to offer only one RSS
item per DPN (maybe using the summary?).

>From now on, with new template structuring DPN in more or less fixed


 the <toc-add-entry> fields map the names of the sections, and the
resulting RSS will not give any clue (titles-wise) about the actual news
of each issue.

We still fill manually the Summary, which contains info about the
particular news of each issue. So maybe it's the time to try to fix the
bug #583781 and make and generate the RSS from the summary, instead of
from the <toc-add-entry> tags?

Another thing to take into account is that  we currently don't publish a
note (nor several) in the social networks about DPN, because spigot
fails to process the current RSS (due to lack of date field in each RSS
item; see bug #781351 ), and we don't manually microblog about the DPN
either (we could do it until the bug is solved, but I understand it's a
lot of work).

This reinforces, IMHO, the opportunity to put a bit of work from
somebody with RSS/Perl skills, and get these two bugs solved, and enter
a new phase of DPN better spread both by RSS and by social networks.

OTOH, from the social networks point of view, maybe it's good to
reformat the template and keep on producing one RSS item for each news,
include the date so spigot nor other RSS-processors don't complain, and
then, the day that we release a DPN issue, get the titles and or headers
published for each news, in a timely basis (let's say, one post each 7
minutes or so).

Opinions? Anybody that could help on this? I can try to submit patches
(I did for #781351) but I would need a decision of one RSS entry or
several, plus somebody reviewing my patches (I have no Perl nor RSS
skills, just figuring out what I read in the existent files/scripts).

Laura Arjona

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