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Re: Wrong size information

Hi Vojtěch

El 17/10/15 a las 14:37, Vojtěch Vladyka escribió:
> Hi.
> At page https://www.debian.org/distrib/netinst in czech variant is at
> netinstall images this description:
> Soubory s obrazy disků do velikosti 2800 MB. Zvolte si architekturu
> procesoru.
> At same page in english is this:
> The following are image files which are up to 280 MB in size. Choose
> your processor architecture below.
> Mistake is in image size (2800MB vs 280MB).
> Thanks,
> Vojtech Vladyka

Thanks for the report.
It's fixed now in the code, it will appear fixed in the website in the
next hours.

Laura Arjona

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