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"sales@aboutdebian.com" -- :No Such User" reference at https://www.debian.org/CD/vendors/

The mail system <sales@aboutdebian.com>: host aboutdebian.com
[] said: 550 No Such User Here


This electronic message may only be "signed."

In order to communicate securely using electronic mail,
by the use of encryption, one must have the recipient's
"public key," and they must have your public key.

My "public key" will be included in-line since choosing to
"Put an End to Word Attachments." See Richard Stallman...

...in this case any form of attachments, not only those in
proprietary formats.

One requires a key pair, public and private, for it to work.
See below or elsewhere for details.

See https://emailselfdefense.fsf.org/

"Email encryption for everyone via
[the Free Software Foundation, https://www.fsf.org]";

keyserver: pool.sks-keyservers.net

Use above to search for someone's public key by entering email
 address, etc.

Also, STARTTLS might facilitate secure communication in a
relatively simple manner for one to use, though according
to EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation) there are some known
vulnerabilities that some companies have used....

G/E had been considering Positive Internet for a number of
years, and as of March 2015 selected them. The "move" from
"host" www.aiso.net ("solar hosting") to
www.positive-internet.com is in large part because
The Positive Internet Company are quite supportive
of GNU/Linux, and acknowledging. Even a note from RMS did
not get more prominence for the "name" at the old host. The
web site www.goodexample.info had been with
www.aiso.net since 28 March 2010.

G/E began as "Mainstream" (an overused and understated
 acceptance of things as they are and unquestioned
acceptance or even unrecognized assumptions) Awareness,
Refection, and Action: connecting various degrees of active
citizens with existing and evolving independent media
in 2004.

G/E also considered https://www.webarch.net/n/76, who merged
with Ecohost, also simply more of an explicit support of
GNU/Linux and the ability to learn more by having shell
access, but as noted the choice was Positive Internet, partly
because the other choice's support, it is presumed, for those
who were not supportive of WikiLeaks.

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