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Bug#797342: www.debian.org: simple and easy to use download page

package: www.debian.org
severity: wishlist

This article [0] has some extensive complaints about Debian, one of
which is that the download options on www.debian.org are incredibly confusing.

They point to the Ubuntu download page, which provides a simple and
descriptive flavor chooser [1], which is apparently easy enough and

It could be an improvement to use something like that on www.debian.org.

Also, it would probably be useful to not make it possible to navigate
from www.debian.org to the cdimage.debian.org pages since they are
apparently too complex. This seemed to be one of the biggest
complaints in a Linux Luddites review of jessie [2].  They also ran
into all manner of problems with the live images too, which they got
to from cdimage.debian.org and sound still unready to be made
available to average users.

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