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Bug#785057: wiki.debian.org: unblock IPredator VPN

On Sat, 25 Jul 2015 21:56:44 +0200 ilf wrote:

> I've just hit this again, this time using Tor with exit node 

I took a look at this just now and this and the other exit node you
mentioned are/were in the host whitelist but the whole network is in
the network blacklist and the Debian wiki config code isn't properly
dealing with whitelisting hosts within blacklisted networks.

> 1. on what basis you blacklist IPs,

Basically when spammers post. Also when they try to register we block
IPs based on a number of heuristics.

> 2. if you have contacted the abuse contacts like IPredator, and

Steve regularly contacts abuse addresses but we seem to have some sort
of communications failure here so we should probably remove IPredator
from the blacklist until we see some issues.

> 3. why you also ban reading the Wiki instead of writing or 
> account-creation only?

This is how MoinMoin works, we will probably want to patch that.

We should probably make the blacklist time limited too.

We'll talk about this at the wiki BoF this week.



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