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linux is ok

amsterdam              2-8-2015

i know what your gonna hear is going to sound crazy, ive been hacked i know ive see my pc turn off before my eyes(ssh) and a few times i lost my cursor. but what is happening to me today is totally unbelieveable. ive instralled debian 8.1 like 5 times and everytime i cannot login back again. it also happened to me a few times allready before. i know that linux is for clever people but also mean? may YAH have mercy on them. i wanna congratulate you and all your colleages for working on such a good system keep up the good work. i wish that you can track me in a way or other to see what is going on. but i wont give up i like linux too much now. or they don't like the nickname i use anonymous lol. thanks for reading


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