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Bug#721215: Please mention Debian Administrator's Manual in the main list of documentation

Hi everybody

If you refer to "The Debian Administration Handbook" (the first
reference listed in the subpage https://www.debian.org/doc/books), I
have no clear idea about what to do.

On one side, the reference should stay there even if we add an entry in
"user manuals", because it's a printed book.

On the other side, I'm not sure if "user manuals" is for the
documentation maintained by the Debian Documentation Project (and then,
the Handbook shouldn't be there, even if there is a package available,
several translations, and it's DFSG-free).

Finally, I suppose we could change the title of the section "Other,
shorter documents" to "Other, and shorter documents" and include a link
as first reference in that section, but I think it's not a good solution.

CC'ing debian-doc mailing list, I hope they can give advice about how to


Laura Arjona

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