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Bug#780823: www.debian.org: Update info for Debian Women profiles

On Friday 20 March 2015 01:54:39 Laura Arjona Reina wrote:
> I'm member of the website team and member of Debian-women too, and I'm
> willing to adopt the section of Debian women profiles.

Since you're obviously qualified and has debian-women's blessing (directly or 
indirectly), please go ahead; I don't think it's up to debian-www to decide as 
long as the technical skills are there.

> I'm attaching a patch updating the contact info for
> /women/profiles/index.wml

I suggest changing the last paragraph to include Meike's last name, omit her 
mail address (to avoid confusion), and omit the parentheses - e.g.:

"Thanks to Meike Reichle for her previous dedication to this task."

Perhaps in a stand-alone paragraph at the bottom of the page.

Regards, Kaare

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