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Re: Should we mark #388141 as jessie-ignore?

Am 12.02.2015 um 20:59 schrieb Riley Baird:

> Bug #388141 [RC] refers to the relicensing of the debian www pages.
> After contacting debian-www, it seems that there isn't much interest in
> fixing it.

I interpret the relative silence in #388141 differently then you. I'd
say that everybody is busy with doing other stuff. So if you want the
state of affairs to change, just go after it, bit by bit. As you
describe here:

> The next step would involve compiling a list of website
> lines which are still active yet which relicensing permission has not
> been received.

And then just ask for permission, line by line.

In the end I think it's work and if it should be accomplished then
someone has to do that work. Since you are interested, just go and hit
the work, it may well be that people will join or help you along the way.

> In any case, even if there is interest in closing this bug, it is
> definitely more of a long-term thing and is unlikely to be fixed before
> the jessie release. Because of this, would it be okay to mark it as
> "jessie-ignore"?

I can't comment on that. Best I know, the release managers would be the
people to contact, but after all it's up to the project to decide. I
myself: jessie-ignore +1

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