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issues with several debian packages


currently I'm experiencing issues with installing php-horde on jessie.
The howto just tells you to follow the web interface. I did this and
again it's not working because of missing steps.

So I tried to do it manually. But again it's a pain with missing files
from the original packages. Like always the most relevant files
in /usr/share/doc... are missing. On the webpage of horde which is
referenced you find the information to use some file
from /usr/share/doc/... This time it's the mysql setup file. I've had
this kind of issue with lots of packages from stable/testing and other
Debian releases. Since I use Linux since kernel version 0.6 (or
something like this where you used floppy discs and compiled the kernel
on your own) I think I am familiar in this area.

Debian was perfect in the early days when all others had no mechanism to
solve package dependencies automatically. But the newer days all
distributions solve package dependencies... From my opinion it's time to
move on and see what others offer if this is not getting better. Still I
think Debian is more stable then others. 

Of course lots of packages work perfectly but still some are not well
documented or the package maintainer strips off too much of relevant
information. I hope this helps to make Debian a little better. Right now
I'm just frustrated since I again have to manually search for some


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