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Who's using Debian

One-Eighty Out, Incorporated, Colorado Springs, CO, USA

Type: Commercial


One-Eighty Out uses Debian for the conduct of its day to day business, including bookkeeping (GnuCash), building presentations (Open Office), and conducting research (Iceweasel).  We use many of the Debian apps used for display and manipulation of pdf documents (Evince, PDF Shuffler, PDFSam, pdftk, tesseract, and hocr2pdf.  We do lots of image manipulation (GThumb, The GIMP, Open Office Draw) and video work (mencoder, Parole, VLC, etc).  Actually, the list goes on and on...

We currently have a desktop computer and two laptop computers that are loaded with Debian Squeeze/Wheezy.  We chose Debian because we find it to be more flexible than is Windows for meeting our needs.  We also value Debian's stability.

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