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Bug#207095: last change date not on packages.d.o

Hello Dan,

in 2004 you wrote in a conversation with Thomas Hood:

packages.debian.org: should give date of last update
T> There is now a link to the Debian changelog, the first
T> entry of which gives the date on which the version was
T> created (more or less).  Does this satisfy wish #207095
T> well enough?

I didn't try it yet, but is sounds like one has to know to click on
the changelog to get the date.  Also one must then download a
potentially massive changelog for just a mere line of information.

Still feel the same way? I have the feeling like "last change date" is something so technical, that only a technically knowledgeable user will be looking for that information and for this kind of user it will not be terribly difficult to find and correctly interpret the "ChangeLog" link.

You are right about the "potentially massive changelog", but times have changed since 2004 bandwidth-wise, so allthough still correct, I'm not sure how relevant that argument still is.


Maybe the info reachable through the current package info page is good enough and we can close the bug report?

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