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Re: CVS webwml/english/News/2014: http -> https ?


"CVS User neilm" <webmaster@debian.org> wrote:
> Update of /cvs/webwml/webwml/english/News/2014
> In directory moszumanska:/var/tmp/cvs-serv17164
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> 	20141020.wml 
> Log Message:
> Releasing obituary.
> --- /cvs/webwml/webwml/english/News/2014/20141020.wml	2014/10/20 16:55:23	NONE
> +++ /cvs/webwml/webwml/english/News/2014/20141020.wml	2014/10/20 16:55:23	1.1
> <define-tag pagetitle>Debian Project mourns the loss of Peter Miller</define-tag>
> <define-tag release_date>2014-10-20</define-tag>
> #use wml::debian::news
> # $Id: 20141020.wml,v 1.1 2014/10/20 16:55:20 neilm Exp $
> <p>The Debian Project recently learned that it has lost a member of its
> community. Peter Miller died on July 27th after a long battle with
> leukemia.</p>
> <p>Peter was a relative newcomer to the Debian project, but his
> contributions to Free and Open Source Software goes back the the late
> 1980s. Peter was significant contributor to GNU gettext as well as being
> the main upstream author and maintainer of other projects that ship as
> part of Debian, including, but not limited to srecord, aegis and cook.
> Peter was also the author of the paper "Recursive Make Considered
> Harmful".</p>
> <p>The Debian Project honours his good work and strong dedication to
> Debian and Free Software.  The contributions of Peter will not be
> forgotten, and the high standards of his work will continue to serve as
> an inspiration to others.</p>
> <h2>About Debian</h2>
> <p>The Debian Project is an association of Free Software developers who
> volunteer their time and effort in order to produce a completely free
> operating system known as Debian.</p>
> <h2>Contact Information</h2>
> <p>For further information, please visit the Debian web pages at
> <a href="$(HOME)/">http://www.debian.org/</a> or send mail to

shouldn't that be https instead nowadays?

> &lt;<a href="mailto:press@debian.org";>press@debian.org</a>&gt;.</p>


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