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Error in SSD Optimization page

There is an error in the syntax under the "low-latency IO-scheduler" section at the following URL (https://wiki.debian.org/SSDOptimization).  The text reads:

"The default I/O scheduler queues data to minimize seeks on HDDs, which is not necessary for SSDs. Thus, use the deadline scheduler that just ensures bulk transactions won't slow down small transactions: Install sysfsutils and

  • echo "block.sdX.queue.scheduler = deadline" >> /etc/sysfs.conf

(adjust sdX to match your SSD) reboot or..."

The syntax of the echo command should read as follows:

"echo "block/sdX/queue/scheduler = deadline" >> /etc/sysfs.conf"

Note the change of the periods (.) to forward slashed (/)

I verified this in debian testing after applying the SSD optimizations.

Patrick M. Sullivan

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