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Script to check translations

Hi guys

I have been learning some perl, and since I am a translator I have made
a script to easily be able to check CVS versions of the different
translations of a file, and which original (and CVS version) they

I thought that some other translators might be interested in this, so
I have made it available on my debian webpage here:


Run it from the webwml folder, and give it a file in the english
folder, for example like this: (output is somewhat self-explainatory)

> ./show_versions.pl english/international/Norwegian.wml

Filename: Norwegian.wml
danish: 1.20 (original: norwegian 1.34)
english: 1.21 
french: 1.14 (original: english 1.21)
italian: 1.5 (original: english 1.19)
japanese: 1.17 (original: english 1.21)
norwegian: 1.34 (original: english 1.21)
swedish: 1.22 (original: english 1.21)

This makes it easy to see which languages are out of date. (I could
enhance it with coloring for those CVS-versions, maybe...)

Note that it works on the local file system only, so it doesn't put
any load the CVS servers. Because of this - make sure your CVS checkout
is up to date before using.

Well, it might be useful for someone. Feel free to use, expand or
whatever. I intend to update the version I link above if you find any
problems with it.

I don't know how useful CVS stuff is now with all the git talk
though... ;)

-- Andreas Rönnquist

[Please don't CC me, if I mail to a mailinglist, I am subscribed to it.]

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