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Bug#681501: Donations to Debian will soon be easier!

On Sun, Oct 5, 2014 at 1:19 PM, Brian Gupta wrote:

> This is a major improvement. I don't see any reason to hold back
> pushing this out, as we can always fine-tune it later. I'd say at this
> point, push it out, and if there are any suggestions for further
> improvement,  we can always incorporate it into a later revision.
> (Frankly, I don't see any scenario where someone could consider this a
> regression.)

As it has been a week since my original post and 2 days since your
ping, I have committed the change to cvs. It will be live on the
website after the next rebuild. I will contact DSA and the DebConf
video team about the equipment donations section once it is online.



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