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Purchase order for holiday?

Hi there,
Are you currently filling any orders for holiday for Screamer Inc? 
We are working with Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Bed Bath & Beyond, Big 5, Macy's, World Market and many others. We'd love to introduce your brand to your top wish list of retailers! Would you like us to present your line?

Our founders here at ChicExecs (www.chicexecs.com) are also the founders of Chic Buds (www.chicbuds.com). They started Chic Buds with $100, a big dream, a clear vision, a lot of determination - along with experience in the marketing world! They were able to turn their product into a multi-million success carried in every major retailer just five years later (Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Macy's, Bed Bath & Beyond, Target, Books a Million, Lord & Taylor, Barnes & Noble and many more).

Gleaning from their experience and passion to help other entrepreneurs like themselves--they launched our company, ChicExecs (www.chicexecs.com) and created the Entrepreneur Marketing Success Plan of building credibility through PR and using that to get placement into retail stores. Then in turn, they help ensure success in sell-through for retail stores by activitaing more PR press features.

Our Channel Management division for placement into retail stores has quickly become one of our highest demand for services. We currently have limited spots available as retailers are placing POs now for holiday. 

**We also have a 10% OFF discount for the first month which ends July 30th.

Are you free to discuss? If so, I'd love to put you in contact with one of our strategy gurus.

Please let me know. :)

If you'd like to be removed from our mailingl list, email "UNSUBSCRIBE" to Stephanie@chicexecs.com.

Stephanie Gossman
ChicExecs PR
1487 Poinsettia Ave Ste 125
Vista, CA 92081

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